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홈으로화살표 Training 화살표 글로벌 비즈니스 (Global Business)

글로벌 비즈니스 (Global Business)

Leadership 이미지

This leadership course teaches essential skills for leaders who lead teams, departments, divisions, or organizations. It covers interpersonal skills, management skills, and organizational development skills including how to manage organizational culture and organizational change as well as how to motivate and coach employees. This course will help leaders co...

Global Leadership (Accredited Practitioner) 이미지
Global Leadership (Accredited Practitioner)

Korean managers and executives working abroad and foreign managers and executives working in Korea need to understand different cultures and languages, diverse management styles, and relational skills for cooperating with people from different countries. Both groups must also have specific skills in leading multinational, diverse teams. This course teaches a...

Cross-Cultural Understanding (Accredited Practitioner) 이미지
Cross-Cultural Understanding (Accredited Practitioner)

To become global leaders, managers and executives need to understand organizational management in the context of the rapidly-changing and multi-cultural global business environment. A manager or executive who represents his or her corporation in the global market needs to respect and understand different cultures, peoples, and styles of communication, rather...

Returning Expats Training: Change Management  이미지
Returning Expats Training: Change Management

Expatriots who return to Korea after having worked abroad experience considerable anxiety about their future careers and resettlement. The fatigue and tension from different cultural experiences makes it difficult to feel at ease settling down in Korea. Moreover, they become more uncertain about their future careers when they are assigned with responsibiliti...

Global HR Conference 이미지
Global HR Conference

Corporations with foreign subsidiaries face challenges in overall organizational management due to the conflicts between cultures, management styles, and working styles that vary in each country. Therefore, global corporations must understand and be respectful of different organizational cultures, performance management, and leadership, and provide overall g...

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