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홈으로화살표 Training 화살표 교육의 특징 (Features of META Workshops)

교육의 특징 (Features of META Workshops)

Conducted by an OD Expert

META Consulting’s workshops are led by an organizational development expert who has studied and practiced OD extensively and has more than 200 projects’ worth of experience in domestic and foreign companies. Professional solutions to an organization’s key issues are provided from the perspective of the actual organization.

Organizational Culture, Leadership, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Performance Management -> Led More than 200 projectsOrganizational Culture, Leadership, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Performance Management -> Led More than 200 projects
Facilitraining Rather Than Facilitation

Many companies often hear from participants that the training elicited active participation, but that it was weak on actual methods (“how to”) and concrete, customized solutions. This is because in facilitation, the facilitator is not an expert opinion-giver, but rather someone gifted in moderating discussion. Because of this, we offer both active facilitation as well as a service that includes feedback and debriefing from experts. META’s “facilitrainer” will eliminate situations in which trainees are unable to find a solution even after an active discussion.

  • FacilitationFacilitation
  • Sharing Cases in the Same Industry<Sharing Cases
    in the Same Industry
  • Feedback and Conclusion of ExpertsFeedback and
    Conclusion of Experts
  • Customized SolutionCustomized Solution
Diagnosis-Based Workshop Design

Companies want a training to resolve their unique challenges and issues; a “one-size fits all” approach is not useful. Therefore, the more customized a workshop is, the greater its ROI. One available option for you at META is diagnosis-based trainings or workshops – Designed Learning. Designed Learning is a method that provides training based on diagnoses from pre-training to follow-up.

  • SurveySurvey
  • One on One InterviewOne-on-One
  • FGI (Focus Group Interview)FGI
    (Focus Group Interview)
  • Online DiagnosisOnline
  • SME InterviewSME Interview
  • CEO/Executives InterviewCEO/Executives
  • Diagnosis of Specific Department or ClassDiagnosis of Specific
    Department or Class
  • Specific Subject DiagnosisSpecific Subject
All Courses are Available in English

The need for delivering workshops or trainings in English is increasing more and more. The number of foreign managers and executives working in Korea as well as of Korean companies that extend their business abroad is increasing. In order to reflect these needs, META provides lectures and course developments in English.

  • English WorkshopEnglish Workshop
  • English Course DevelopmentEnglish Course Development
  • English InterviewEnglish Interview
  • English CoachingEnglish Coaching
  • English ReportsEnglish Reports
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