홈으로화살표 Consulting 화살표 조직문화 컨설팅 (Organizational Culture Consulting)

조직문화 컨설팅 (Organizational Culture Consulting)

It is commonly known that organizational culture
influences organizational performance significantly.

Therefore, in order to create a high performance, one must have a sufficient understanding of how an organizational culture is formed, how it takes root, and how it will affect other elements of the organization. In order to do this, one must first diagnose the current culture so that one can identify what changes need to be made.

John Kim is deeply knowledgeable about all aspects of this process as an organizational development practitioner. He is certified in numerous organizational culture diagnosis models by globally-recognized institutes and has extensive real-world experience. Thus, he is well-equipped to comprehensively evaluate different organizational culture diagnosis models.

He has created a business partnership with Denison Consulting, founded by Dr. Daniel Denison, current professor Emeritus of IMD Business School in Switzerland. He collaborates closely with Denison Consulting with regard to organizational culture consulting, culture diagnosis and leadership development.

Denison’s model has the following advantages:
  • Behaviorally-based, not psychologically-based or personality-based
  • Was designed and created within the business world, not within academia
  • Uses business language to explore business issues, and not other language which must be then interpreted to a business context
  • Linked to bottom-line business results; uses research conducted to place cultural elements in relation to performance.
  • Fast and easy to implement; does not require extensive time to implement the assessment and/or interpret results in a business context.
  • Applicable to all levels of the organization, rather than being specifically designed for either top-level or front-line implementation
  • Deals explicitly with business issues such as market share, sales growth, product development, customer service, organizational change, M&A, employee engagement, rather than dealing with these issues implicitly, as other models do
What, specifically, does Denison’s model diagnose?

Denison’s model is based on the four traits above (involvement, consistency, mission, adaptability), and each trait has 3 indexes. This model uses 60 questions, which usually take 20-30 minutes to complete.

Should you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact META by emailing, if you wish to write in Korean, or Denison Consulting by using the “Contact Us” page at

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