홈으로화살표 Consulting 화살표 영어 과정 개발 컨설팅 (English Course Development consulting)

영어 과정 개발 컨설팅 (English Course Development consulting)

As more and more companies go global,
the need for conducting courses in English
is increasing.

Additionally, many foreign companies in Korea frequently conduct their corporate education in English. Thus, the English-language course development consulting
that META provides will be very useful in reinforcing the competencies of global employees and executives.

If your company can develop your own English-language corporate education programs, your company will decrease expenses from not having to pay external
instructors, and will also have the advantage of customizing the training programs so that they are relevant to your organizations’ issues and problems.

English-Language Courses That META Can Develop
  • Leadership Courses: a variety of courses inclusive of all positions
  • Organizational Management Courses: Conflict Management, Performance Management, People Management, etc.
  • Strategic Planning Courses: Strategic Thinking, Strategic Leadership, Strategic Planning, etc.
  • Communication Courses: Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Speech Skills, Presentation Skills, etc.
  • Coaching Courses: Managerial Coaching Skills, Performance Coaching Skills, etc.
  • Train the Trainer Courses in English: Train the Trainer, Facilitation Skills, Coaching Skills, etc.
  • Project Management Skills, etc.
  • Other: Creativity and Innovation, Decision Making Skills, Negotiation Skills, Emotional Intelligence, etc.
Course Development process
Course Development processCourse Development process
Duration of Course Development

Course development usually takes two to three months; however, this will vary depending on factors such as subject, attendees, content, method, etc.

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빠른상담 신청 02-6403-5553

평일 09:00~18:00

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