홈으로화살표 Consulting 화살표 회의 문화 컨설팅 (Meeting Culture Consulting)

회의 문화 컨설팅 (Meeting Culture Consulting)

Meeting culture consulting is

designed to eliminate barriers to productivity such as vertical organizational culture, authoritative leadership, and decision-making that focuses on efficiency rather than effectiveness. As Peter Drucker says, innovation must begin in small, concrete ways to be effective; thus, starting with your meeting culture, which is a microcosm of your organizational culture, is the most effective way to build a new organizational culture.

Organizational PerformanceOrganizational Performance

Having a good meeting culture means that there is both sufficient awareness of the five elements above and the ability to utilize these skills appropriately.META promotes an effective meeting culture in which the three elements – tools, techniques, and theories – are properly aligned.

This project will provide solutions for an effective organizational culture by identifying and reflecting on ineffective leader behaviors and counterproductive meetingmethods and processes. It will also provide methods for creating a meeting culture in which free participation, discussion, and decision-making are possible inaccordance with the direction that the client company is pursuing in terms of organizational culture.For an effective meeting culture based on active participation and agreement, start with this project!

Example of Project Implementation Schedule

The schedule for this project will be determined in detail through consultation. Here are some examples:

Example of Project Implementation Schedule
Stages Activities Stages 1 Stages 2 Stages 3 Stages 4
Diagnosis Kick Off

Determining project targets and scope

Meeting Culture Diagnosis

Survey (all employees) and FGI implementation

Minutes analysis / meeting place monitoring

Workshop: Setting Improvement Strategies and Ground Rules

Workshop: Setting Improvement
Strategies and Ground Rules

Internalization Team Training or Leader Coaching

Training and Leader Coaching


Guidebook Development
/ Biweekly Review

META has outstanding competencies as well as a wealth of experience in the field of meeting culture consulting. Join META Consulting in building a horizontal organizational culture and a meeting culture that will allow a high level of participation and contribution by the members of the organization.

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