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META Consulting is

a rapidly growing company specializing in corporate training and consulting under the slogan ‘steering the direction of Asia’s corporate cultures’. 
META’s workshops and consulting services focus on the following:

조직문화, 리더십, 성과관리, 조직변화조직문화, 리더십, 성과관리, 조직변화

META hopes to help bring horizontal organizational culture to Asia by transforming and supporting Asian corporations 
that are overly dependent on ranks and authority. We believe that the future of Asian corporations depends on horizontal culture, 
as it will lead to creativity and innovation in the future.

META is an abbreviation for Management Empowerment Training in Asia. 
This emphasis on “training” means that it has a focus on education and its power to strengthen the abilities of employees and 
managers in Northeast Asia. META provides workshop and consulting services in the whole Asian region.

If you would like to know more about the strengths and weaknesses of Asian corporate culture and how they should be changed, 
please email Learn how to create the participatory and creative organizational culture that 
your organization dreams of through META Consulting’s workshop courses.

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