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BIO of Kim Jong-nam (John Kim)
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Kim Jongnam is the founding CEO
of META (Management Empowerment Training in Asia).

Kim Jongnam is the founding CEO of META (Management Empowerment Training in Asia).
His specialties lie in organizational culture, leadership, change management, performance
management, facilitation skills, and organizational development.

He has 20 years of experience in the fields of inter-company negotiations, sales management,
labor relations, corporate training and business management. He is particularly strong in
diagnosing and resolving corporate issues in terms of diverse perspectives such as
performance management, leadership, business impact, and organizational change.

He has experiences in dealing with most of the largest corporations in Korea,
such as Samsung Electronics, Lotte Group, Hyundai Group, Hanwha Group, LG, and many others.
Within his client companies, he has worked with employees in a wide range of positions, from new hires to CEOs. Most recently, he worked with Samsung Electronics
over the course of one year, providing consulting to 200 executives regarding how to change their meeting culture, shooting a video on how to create a horizontal
culture for 15,000 employees, and educating 1,500 new employees.

Kim is passionate about how to change corporate culture in Northeast Asia, which is well-known for its hierarchical culture, and has written related columns for
The Korea Times, as well as two books, Organizations Without Meetings and Breaking the Silent Rules. He is preparing to publish his third book, which focuses on
how to change a top-down culture to a flat culture, in late 2017. He also helps foreign managers and executives adapt to Korean corporate culture through leadership
coaching and group training. He provides these services in English.

Kim graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in Organizational Development, with the highest GPA in his cohort. His thesis, which explored the
current level of alignment between executive coaching and leadership development, received the award for best thesis. He also earned certifications from the
Practitioner Program of Organizational Development and Organizational Change at the University of Pennsylvania and in Human Resources Management at
Cornell University.

He will work for Lotte Group as an advisory professor in the field of organizational culture in the latter half of 2017.
His responsibilities will include giving lectures, helping to conduct research, and consulting.

He will continue to focus on organizational culture and organizational development in the foreseeable future.
His philosophy is that organizations can meet their full potential when treated like a human being.




  • Human Resources Management, Cornell University (7 courses including performance management)
  • 360° Feedback, CCL(Center for Creative Leadership)
  • MBTI(Myers Briggs Type Indicator), CPP
  • Designing Learning - ADDIE, ROPES Models, ATD(Former ASTD)
  • Action Learning, Foundation, WIAL(World Institute for Action Learning)
  • Managing Learning Programs, ATD
  • Designing Leadership Development Program (LEADS Model), ATD
Organizational Management

(Leadership/Managers’ Competencies)

  • Practitioner Program on Leadership/Management, University of Pennsylvania
  • Leadership Skills, AMA(American Management Association, 9 Courses)
  • Program on Reinforcing Managers’ Competencies (Management Excellence), AMA(9 Courses)
  • Business Communication, AMA(5 Courses)
  • Organizational Coaching, University of Pennsylvania (Theories, Tools, Techniques)
  • Coaching Skills, ATD/AMA
Organizational Development


  • Organizational Culture (Including diagnosis), University of Pennsylvania/Human Synergistics(OCI), Organizational Culture Survey(Denison Consulting)
  • Organizational Diagnosis, Consulting Skills (ATD)/University of Pennsylvania
  • Organizational Design, Cornell University
  • Practitioner Program on Organizational Development & Change, University of Pennsylvania
  • Change Management, ATD/University of Pennsylvania
  • Strategic Planning, AMA(5 Courses)
  • Project Management, AMA(5 Courses)/University of Pennsylvania
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